Teenage Love 2000

December 9, 2016 2:57 PM

A song about love

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I liked the vibe of this a lot. Very tight, too!
posted by limeonaire at 6:17 PM on December 12, 2016 [1 favorite]

Nice sleepy intro with the echoing guitars, and it kicks up the intensity nicely in the second part. I like the ethereal echoey stuff in the background when the second part mellows out, just before starting up the third part... but then the song abruptly ends! Hey!! I wanted more! I thought there would be a third part!

Good song, still. Thanks!
posted by not_on_display at 10:19 PM on December 13, 2016 [1 favorite]

I'm a sucker for the dreamy guitar delay sound, you really nail that. Nice interplay of the parts and they're nicely separated in tone and in the stereo field. Strong melody and mood-setting for the subject. Lovely.
posted by BlackPebble at 11:37 AM on December 18, 2016 [1 favorite]

Came for the year 2000 and stayed for the chill guitar vibes. Nice!
posted by I'm always feeling, Blue at 7:36 PM on April 21, 2021

hello this is not daniel0 thank you all so mu
posted by dagosto at 12:07 AM on October 26, 2021

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