Hey Moon

December 9, 2016 11:15 AM

Based on the John Maus version of Molly Nilsson's original.

posted by TheWaves (5 comments total)

In the beginning, I like how it's spare, but still fills the room. And you have an incredible voice – like Nick Drake in some places; and you harmonize with yourself very well.

Although I like the harmonized guitar solo, I feel the middle part was over the top, especially for what comes before and after; I agree with the choice of changing the dynamic, ramping it up a notch or two, but this seemed like a couple notches too high. But that's just my opinion; if it sounded good to you, more power to ya!

Anyway, nice song, I liked it. If this were played by a musical guest on Saturday Night Live, I wouldn't bat an eyelash. (Considering I don't know who John Maus or Molly Nilsson are, maybe I have seen them perform it!)
posted by not_on_display at 10:15 PM on December 13, 2016

That thumping kick drum! So huge!
posted by ignignokt at 11:00 AM on December 14, 2016

This is fantastic, incredible production. Are you on all of it?
posted by greenish at 5:39 AM on December 15, 2016

Thanks for the lovely comments people! Fair point on the guitar solo, somehow I couldn't resist a workout on this one :-)

greenish: yep, all self-performed and produced
posted by TheWaves at 8:09 AM on December 15, 2016

So nicely balanced in the parts and pieces. I very much enjoy the wide dynamics on the kick drum. The interwoven rhythm of percussion and guitar and vocals are very engrossing and pleasing. Vocal phrasing and performance are really top-notch.

I'm into the guitar solo, I wouldn't change it other than maybe pull the level down a little, it just rides a little proud of the surface of the rest of the song. But the energy and sonics of it are great. It feels in line with a Tears for Fears break to me. Which of course is good!

Really great, pro production and excellent songcraft.
posted by BlackPebble at 11:43 AM on December 18, 2016

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