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December 11, 2016 3:14 PM

song 6 of birdie - whatever this is about, it's not good

had to rent a life with too much rain
ghost on a stick, oh, why complain?
the children keep dropping all the bricks
got bubble gum coins for the river styx
had to get my car washed in the snow
ghost on a stick, where did you go?
the taj mahal is full of flies
i'm seeing the world through compound eyes
there's one little moral to this song
ghost on a stick, i'm doing it wrong
ghost on a stick, i'm doing it wrong
ghost on a stick, i'm doing it wrong

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> whatever this is about, it's not good

I always go into clicking on your songs with that attitude. Your lyrics are interesting and unique and unsettling.

When making an album, do you do one song at a time, unrelated to another, and post them as they're finished, until you decide it's done? Or do you have a general theme and plan beforehand, and write a few at a time toward a unifying goal?

Anyway, this song struck me like some weird Raymond Scott jazz slowed down to 16RPM in the background, and then add castinets and echoey guitars and weary vocals. Very strange combination of sounds.
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when i make an album, it's generally a slow process of 2 to 5 months, unless it's rpm in feb, where it's one month - on this one, it was a bunch of songs that were put together this fall - many of them were generated from hg fortune synths but not all - this one seems to be a little more together as far as lyrical and musical themes are concerned, but i wouldn't call it a concept album, just what i had on hand

i've also been known to take things that were lying around my hard drive from various years - and i've also written songs around a concept, but that tends to be a big hassle

i've got 7 tracks that may be the next one - guitar and drums - felt like getting back to guitar based rock type stuff
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I really enjoy all the swirling backing instruments. Like they're all running on different reel-to-reel decks at different speeds (and some backwards). The vocal layering is a large-gauge hypo to inject your lyrics straight into the lizard brain. Potent.
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