Co-starring Richard Sanders

January 11, 2017 7:09 PM

What scares me? Playing music in front of other people, that's what! So here, for my MeFi music debut, is a slow jam to one of the greatest sitcom closing theme songs ever.

Extra special thanks to not_on_display for his endless patience with my musical neurosis, his advice, production help, friendship, and just generally being a real chill dude. He even came over and recorded drums for me but I couldn’t get my timing right so I ended up just doing guitar and vocals. I probably should have picked something easier for the first time I’ve ever recorded myself and let other people hear it, but here we are. I am scared. Hold me.

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This is great, rich sound. It does seem like you picked a toughie for your first one!
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Hey, this came out great! It was fun being your coachivator. You had all the notes perfect, you were just having trouble getting the timing down, and it was like trying to overcome a skip on an LP. But I like the way you ended up pacing it – it has a much more old-school country/bluesy feel to it than just playing it straight. Like you're telling us this story, and uh, Mee-ow. Many accolades and badges and trophies to you, sir.

So, yeah, you don't have to be scared, you are amongst friends. That's right. Come, come, let me hold you. I will sing you a song. Original, with lyrics, here.
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I like this! Do more of this!
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A great first outing! Congrats & welcome to the MeFiMu crew!
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This is great and also mad which are like two things that go really well together. And I have no clue what it's referencing and even less after clicking not_on_display's link. Yay! BondCLIFF! BondCLIFF!
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what a great idea for a cover.
well done!
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This is great, bondcliff! Such crisp guitar, and spot-on vocals. I love it!
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This is great and also mad which are like two things that go really well together. And I have no clue what it's referencing and even less after clicking not_on_display's link.

In the late 80s in America there was a very popular comedy show about a radio station called WKRP in Cincinnati. It was a very funny show with some of the best characters ever put on television. The theme that played over the closing credits was recorded as sort of a generic rock song and famously had nonsense lyrics. The video not_on_display linked to is someone's best guess and the ones I based this off of. It seemed like a nice silly thing for me to cover. I learned it the normal way and then played it slow partly because I thought it would be funny and partly because I couldn't seem to get the rhythm right otherwise.

Thanks, everyone!
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Congrats and welcome to MeFi Music, bondcliff! That's some really nice guitar playing and your spoken vocals are a cool contrast to the original arrangement.

I have to explain something though -- before I heard this the first time (and before I read this thread), seeing "Co-starring Richard Sanders" made me think of the episode where Les reports on the turkeys*, and that got me in that weird it-was-so-sad-for-the turkeys/but-his-reporting-was-so-funny head space. That's what was in my mind when I started listening to this the first time, so your more measured rendition of the end credits song fit perfectly in that context. Even without that context, though, I really like what you've done here.

(*For anyone who has no idea what I'm talking about, here's a MeFi thread about the episode in particular. And although the show's opening credit music was way different from the end credits music, I still sort of like it too.)
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AAargh I step away from MeFiMu for just a coupla weeks and miss so much cool stuff! WELCOME FRIEND, please post more, you are now One Of Us *rubberstamp*
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