Good (Cover)

January 14, 2017 2:15 PM

Better Than Ezra's "Good" is one of my all-time favorite songs.

I felt like sitting down to record something this afternoon, and after some vocal warm-ups singing Michelle Branch's "Breathe," on the edge of my range, I figured it might be time to get back to my bread and butter. This would fall under the "Do The Thing That Scares You" challenge for January/February, because singing for people scares me to death. (Be kind!)

I got out the ol' Telecaster Thinline, the Super Champ XD, and GarageBand and recorded a fast and dirty three-track version. I coulda done more with this (like adding the lead line, for instance), but eh. I'm happy with how it came out.

Many, many thanks to dorian for listening to my recent piano-tuning nonsense, as well as to not_on_display and bondcliff for their inspiring comments here and on the gray.

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Let it be known this is the first time in history anyone has ever given me credit for musical inspiration! I've heard this song a billion times but I don't think I ever actually knew what it was. Good stuff. Mine was also played with a Tele, or a Tele-clone, FWIW.
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THIS SONG! I've always heard this incidentally, like at a bar or while flipping around the dial, but it never really registered on my radar. Now I will know it at the next pub trivia when this song comes up!

I like your version better, I think – it sounds more earnest to my ears. And even if you're scared of singing (as I am), you have a great voice. And the ending is funny! Sounds like you had a good time.

(reference to song title unintended, but upon editing, it will remain.)
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Similarly to n_o_d, I'd heard this so many times when it got a lot of airplay originally; I think this might be the first time listening to all the lyrics ("oh so that's what this song is about" popped in my head). I agree with him also on your voice. Nice overdrive on the guitar and I also liked that your vocal was clearly audible over it. You made it sound like a fun song to jam along to.
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Nicely done! Thanks for sharing it.
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