Dr Matt [The In Out cover]

January 23, 2017 10:29 PM

A song we played when I was in The In Out circa 1994-1996, but I don't know if they ever recorded it after I departed. So I decided to cover it twenty years later.

Just clearing more unfinished projects off my plate... I started recording this in March 2016.

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What a great, clattering, squealing, and roaring garage-rock-played-on-an-arena stage vibe this recording has. It's like a less self serious My Bloody Valentine meets Yo La Tengo in a dark, echoey alley and beats them over the head with one of Brian Jonestown Massacre's old and busted electric guitars. I love it.
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Thanks. Correction: we did record it, and they released it after I'd left, on the Cosmosis album. I'd totally forgotten this. I even helped write one of the songs! Now that I have a record player, I'll have to get a copy.
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Further correction: I have been reminded I wrote TWO songs on that album. What happened to the nineties.
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Glad you finished the recording -- a fun arrangement, especially with that high note in the chorus. And I could hear the bass much better in this mix (yay). I did wish I could hear your voice better. Would you be able to post the lyrics? (I didn't find any in a cursory search online)

Btw, thumbs up on ending with the bit that sounded like radio noise.
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The radio noise is a bug disguised as a feature. (1) (2)

As far as the lyrics go – from what I could decipher from many different takes of the song played live, and from the understanding that it may have been about the lyricist's father, who was a gynecologist, I landed on these words:

I'm not sullen, I'm just worrying, I got momentum to maintain.
I'm not sullen, I'm just worrying, I got momentum to maintain.

a scientific fact,
a hippy dippy shake.
next time you feel it shifting,
just disappear from the map.
It's not a point on your map,
Like psychedelic age,
Somebody held themselves back.
It's time to draw your own pact?

I'm not sullen, I'm just worrying, I got momentum to maintain.
I dig deeper than the crust (crux?), your liberation's in your skin (vein?).

Said I'm a real old man.
Somebody give me a break!
I can feel it shifting
Through my arterial mines.
While lapsed Catholics laugh,
I'm in some serious shit.
Got Broca's Aphasia,
Yeah I'm Dia-Spora Bats!
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This is great. Love the noisy, garage type of vibe with a bit of shoe-gazing mixed in.
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