Sin City

January 30, 2017 10:49 PM

Written by Gram Parsons and originally recorded by the Flying Burrito Brothers in 1969. It's one of our favorites and is just as relevant today as ever so here we (Corwin Bolt & the Wingnuts) are.

Recorded in my living room as isolated individual takes of the whole song, which ended up being a way easier process than I expected. Mixed in REAPER, mastered with LANDR, produced in resistance.

The song itself probably deserves a FPP — I don't know all of the references in the lyrics, but a lot of it has to do with Gram Parsons' relationship with his manager and his at this point outright hatred of the industry side of the music industry. People have told me that the third verse is about Jesus, but I have it on good wikithority that he wrote it about Bobby Kennedy.

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This is gorgeous and so very timely for me. Well produced and executed, too.
posted by saulgoodman at 8:40 AM on February 1, 2017

I picture it would sound like if Beck sang for the Penguin Cafe Orchestra and they existed in the Gram Parsons era. I love the percussion. I love how everything is slightly off-tune, giving it that bumpy wagon feel without losing the structural integrity or tempo. And the production is excellent, it feels like I'm there in some VFW hall or someone's basement rec room at a folk jam. (I don't know the original song, I'll have to look it up. Or, better yet, you go post that FPP!)
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This is great, such a nice vibe. I love that you can hear a hint of the room, particularly in the violin, either that or that's a bold move with the reverb and I like it.
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I love that you can hear a hint of the room, particularly in the violin

You can also hear my little dog singing along with the violin :)
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