Bach vs. Wurlitzer

February 13, 2017 7:33 PM

I decided to work up a Bach Bourrée (BWV 996) as a belated "do what scares you" challenge, since I don't usually try to play classical music. Soon after I learned it, I couldn't stop myself from messing with the groove, adding touches of swing and Cuban rhythms.

I know I'm not by any means the first to do this (shout out to the Modern Jazz Quartet for doing it right back in the 1960s). That said, it's a really fun exercise.

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Ahhhhh! Thanks so much for this little dose of medicine for the soul. Following along with these patterns in my head literally made me feel giggly. Maybe I'm weird, but this just hits all the right buttons for me, it's well structured but also playful and loose, with nice little timing improvs that kind of push against the more stable core structure but always find their way back to it after wandering. Nicely done. Cheers!
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So good. Is this a real Wurlitzer?
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Yes. 1975 Black 200a. I've been wanting one for decades, and finally found one. It's pretty in tune (but who knows for how long). Playing this tune, it strikes me that it has a sound that combines parts of the sound of a harpsichord and an organ, in addition to a piano sound.
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Sounds fantastic. I just love the Wurlitzer when you hit those higher range keys, that bitey shit; the little suggestion of raunch that kicks in. Like you're going to break into "What'd I Say" or something.
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I LOVE this, it totally works and sounds brilliant. Please do this live with a drummer and doublebassist one day. And please god record that and post it here.

also it's not too late to tag it so it shows up in the challenge sidebar
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Chococat, I was trying to decide between getting a used nord or this, and I'm so glad I got the real thing. The action of the keyboard is totally different from a regular keyboard these days. So pleasing. You end up playing differently as a result.
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Love hearing the different rhythm interpolations
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yeah ditto to everything everyone above said! this is fantastic and that wurli sounds fantastic.
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You picked the right song for the right instrument. It's beautiful. And then I like how you fuck around with the phrasing and shit :) I'm assuming most of that was improvised, unplanned before you started playing it, as you'd had the notes already laid out. Well, you improvise them well. I like where you hit the accents and then where you get all quiet; where you get frenetic and where you get smooth... etc.
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Ugh this is so cool and easy feeling. Love the tone of that Wurlitzer.
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This is delightful! I decided to chop it up and use it as bumper music in this month's podcast.
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