A Lot Like Math

February 22, 2017 9:25 PM

Demo of a punk song about my kid.

Threw this together tonight with the same recording setup I've described before. I'm currently recording demos and doing some tracking for an EP I'm working on, and I'm still deciding whether this hangs together enough to go ahead and start actually tracking it or whether to swap it out with another similar song that I wrote years ago and is done as far as the songwriting goes. I think this one has potential to be better. I like the call and response ending.

But yeah, it's a punk song about the uncertain feelings of being a dad.

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The song, as it starts and finishes, is blueprint fun indie pop: slinky riffs, interesting chord changes, repetition, chunga-chunga, and the simple home-recorded electronic drums.

But the section from 1:16 - 2:00, that's where the song evolves beyond itself, both in the first part with the transition into airy chords overlaid on one another, and the vocals changing, and then into the second part, when all those slinky riffs and chords you'd been playing before REALLY take emotional flight. The song soars in the middle.
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Thanks! My brother has since laid down some drums for this and that opened up the dynamics a lot. I've streamlined the chorus lyrically and I'm really eager to re-record everything around the drums.
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