March 25, 2017 2:18 PM

Brief, brief cargo-cult '90s jungle piece without the Amen break.

In common with three-quarters of what I've come up with over the years this was composed on a PS1 using Codemasters' MUSIC 2000. I used to love that software, not least since it was my first real chance to compose/construct something that was my own, even as I leant heavily on (up to 8 seconds) CD samples for "vocals" and other texture. Whilst I'm well aware of my lack of musicality, my proudest/fondest/favourite creation from that era is easily Move Right Now which I fiddled with obsessively since it was super-important to me at the time (and still). That also stands out as not being dodgy prog-gabba or iffy thrash'n'bass.

Granted everything I made has a lot of painful timestretch going on, what can I say, it was the late '90s! Which brings us back to this here track, one of the few that were more of my construction than some simple sample support... an Anarchist, you know that? An Anarchiiiist!

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Fun Fact 1: This definitely sounds less clip-clop/horsey through my headphones.
Fun Fact 2: You are probably not using my headphones to listen to it right now.
Fun Fact 3: Yonks since I saw the film, but I'm pretty sure that isn't Al Pacino's character speaking
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I feel like that beat shouldn't work but it totally does
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THIS IS FUN YES. doot doot swoosh wuaah wuahh [fucked-up vocals] bwaw waw waw waw.

AND you got the line noise to boot. This is awesome.
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