Your Radiance

April 5, 2017 5:06 PM

An old recording from the cassette 4 track days, newly rediscovered. Pretty poor recording which I have tried to clean up as much as possible here.

Inspired by that smile on the face of your first love, before everything went to-

Hi! As always, many thanks for giving it a listen.

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I love this. Like a lost Magnetic Fields song... "I'll remember your radiance / and forget your incontinence".
posted by Corduroy at 1:27 AM on April 6, 2017

Thanks, Corduroy. Just checking out Magnetic Fields on YouTube. "All My Little Words." Good stuff.
posted by metagnathous at 11:08 AM on April 6, 2017

I really love the production on this, and the cassette bleach might actually be enhancing it for me. Bon Iver is listening to this somewhere creating himself a plugin.
posted by greenish at 9:12 AM on April 10, 2017

I concur w/ Greenish. This sounds, IMHO, exactly as it should. This could easily be used in a film.
posted by grumpybear69 at 3:01 PM on April 12, 2017

Enjoyed this! Honestly, do not let notions of (relative?) sound quality bother you, this sounds great to me even through some crappy laptop speakers. That said, getting less of the drone-feel and more of the tinkling guitar this way though. Liked the pacing and the feel of the whole piece regardless.
posted by comealongpole at 4:47 PM on April 12, 2017

Thanks to all of you for your comments. Very much appreciated.
posted by metagnathous at 5:33 AM on April 13, 2017

When you see credits scroll when you hear a song, it's a good sign. This has that feeling of exhilaration to it.
posted by umbĂș at 8:18 PM on April 28, 2017 [1 favorite]

Appreciate the feedback and support, always. My more recent stuff is a lot more abstract in a way. Need to reconnect with the guitars. I miss those days. We'll see what we can do. Much thanks to greenish for the contact. Any feedback here is an honor, to say the least.
posted by metagnathous at 2:09 PM on May 5, 2017

Heard this on the music podcast and it's wonderful. Thanks for sharing it.
posted by billiebee at 8:38 AM on June 8, 2017

This reminded me of something Richard Buckner did at shows (he might still do this), where he'd play something on guitar, record it on a loop station, record a few more loops, and then play over the loops, all by himself.

IMO it's cool hearing something digitized from tape, because it means it's not stuck on the tape forever. I agree that the noise adds to the flavor of the music (disclosure: this is coming from a person who often adds background noise to digital recordings...). Thanks for posting this.
posted by rangefinder 1.4 at 10:00 PM on June 8, 2017

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