One More About Face 2

April 22, 2017 5:53 PM

A basically complete track from a planned upcoming album (which will also include Where No One Has Gone Before), partly to get feedback and partly just to light a fire under my ass to keep working on the damn thing and maybe finish it this year. As indicated by the title, it's the second (of 3) songs planned for the album titled "One More About Face."

What’s one more about face
I found grace
You don’t need to doubt me
I’m straight laced
Who would I be without you
There’s no way I’ll stop believing in you now

I know you been wrong before
And we can never be sure
What life has in store for us
But ooh
I know your mind is glorious
It’ll take much more to destroy my trust
Than one more about face

I haven’t tried to hide my doubts
But when I see your side I know that I'll find out
How to be the type of guy you confide in
One with that true devotion, gets emotion
Real Poseidon, wield a trident
A three prong song to pull the coast into
the dry corners of my psyche
I might be ready to have the cool wave baptize me
And hold your right hand despite me
being what I am: a kite with no immediate flight plan
I been a real comedian my whole life span
But now I’m serious about retrieving you from the fry pan
So come on in the water with me
Unless you wanted to see how hot it can be
I believe that you could handle this autonomously
But if you take this about face at your own pace
I’ll be as patient as I gotta be

That’s my word
And you can rest assured
I’m’a take every move that you make in stride
I’ll be along for that entire ride

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Heh! This is great (in my humble) and you got a great voice!

"... a kite with no immediate flight plan" - that is so good! :-)
posted by the quidnunc kid at 12:36 AM on April 28, 2017 [1 favorite]

Thank you for the kind words, you have earned my #1 votes in perpetuity
posted by valrus at 6:18 AM on April 29, 2017

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