06 comstock bar - vampire deer

May 21, 2017 12:33 PM

the funny place is i never did find this place again and drive by it over 10 times a year and still can't figure out where it was

it's you and me in this little hole in the wall
ice cold strohs - no bigger than our living room
talk about our lovers - talk about the shopping mall
it's 1979 - have a shot of doom and gloom
you're gonna get married - i'm gonna get loose
want to go just anywhere where a 10 seat bar isn't cool
we're both gonna leap - that's what youth is for
lots of doors and lots of hallways to take us where we've been before

i keep thinking one thing - if there was no way back
out somewhere in outer space - beer, hamburgers and snacks
we could stay here forever and never have to choose
we could stay here forever and never have to lose

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Old tattered curtains blowing in a rotting baroque velvet parlor, little motions in the corner of your eye in all directions. Dusty and wrinkled and echoing and dim. The snare-powered clockworks keep the structure under the surface, but the shifting rags on top are sumptuous and moldering. Chiaroscuro textures and deep sculptural relief.
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