Elvis Presley Slow Down

July 8, 2017 2:34 PM

A little finger style Elvis Medley. As slow as I could manage.

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So pretty. The sparse solo arrangement really works well here. Is this medley your own arrangement? Either way it's great. I love the reverb and the tremolo (two of my favorite guitar effects).

I've had problems recording with tremolo, though -- maybe it's because my current recording setup is cheap and noisy. Would you mind saying more about your recording process and where the trem effect is from -- a single pedal, or effects box, or...?
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This is an arrangement I worked out with my mom a while ago.

The signal chain is:
Telecaster w/ Lindy Fralin Steel Pole 43s strung with Diadario light baritone strings tuned to B -> AnalogMan King of Tone -> Echoplex Preamp -> Moogerfooger MF Trem -> MXR Carbon Copy Delay -> Malekko Chicklet Reverb -> '73 Fender Vibrolux (reverb and trem turned off, I was trying to see how close I could get with pedals to the sound of the amp just for fun)

I recorded with a Beyerdynamic M-88 through a Shure X2u into Logic Pro with minor EQ and a little compression.
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Used this in this month's podcast!
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