13 - captain's walk - vampire deer

December 24, 2017 1:34 PM

you can't come home again because you never left

i go up to the captain's walk to see who's coming home
spend months sleeping on the sidewalk - i'm through with roam
they found nothing down in key west, found nothing in l a
i found my spine in berkeley but i couldn't make it pay

if the devil did appear to us, if the devil made a deal
he wouldn't have to cheat us, he wouldn't have to steal
you're not going to get your art, you're not going to teach
but a nice career in management is never out of reach

and i just realized why some people are hard on me
they thought i'd be in charge of them when i got my degree
the hate man told me only hatred was real, well money's valid, too
if we won't do something for loathing than some well placed bucks will do

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