14 - draw the lines - vampire deer

December 25, 2017 3:53 PM

things were getting weird but they were worse for some others ...

it's too hard to draw the lines that tell us where we failed
john's an artist, he could draw them but maybe he doesn't want to say
he's always been a dreamer, but dreamers aren't awake
and california was my nightmare, i didn't want to take
crashing everywhere, just talking himself in
while i'm sleeping in a vacant lot trying to shed my skin
he's hanging with the prophets he's being very cool
and i'm hanging with the hate man who claims we're hateful fools

he left his school bus here and left his half trailer there
with a good part of his life's work scattered everywhere
it's a crazy way to live, but what do i know of his ways
deb, you've just got to keep on running to love him these days
just think of all the books and songs we'll write in years
another generation shining through the same old senseless fears
kurt's gone off to the west coast one more time to see the sun
i'm burned out on wandering it isn't any fun

kurt was walking down the road, i think near monterey
got hit by a drunk driver and there's nothing more to say
his girlfriend couldn't talk, john just slipped back out of town
and i must have been at the pole of something cause all directions left were down
i felt like going back there back to that old street
i felt like going back home to where i wouldn't have to meet
anyone who reminded me of how lost i was back then
with both the living and the dead haunting me again

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