Auld Lang Syne Chimes (chorus)

December 30, 2017 2:24 AM

Short recording of me playing the chorus of "Auld Lang Syne" on bar chimes. Bonus background vocals by crickets outside. Total running time: 51 seconds. Happy new year, MeFi!

Recorded on Christmas Eve 2017 for cortex's call for (short) submissions for the end-of-year MeFi podcast -- I probably would not have recorded this chorus-only version otherwise. In any case, the chimes have enough notes for the chorus, but not all the notes needed for the verse.

I knew it'd be a long shot to play all the notes correctly live over the phone, so I did a few takes and this was the last (and cleanest) one.

A very long time ago, I recorded a guitar + vocals arrangement of the song, but I'd have to dig around to find it. Lots of other versions here on MeFi Music of Auld Lang Syne!

On a personal note: One good thing that happened amidst all the turmoil of this year is that I was more active musically and recording-wise than I'd been in ages, largely because of the help + encouragement of MeFi Music. So, thank you. We'll take a cup of kindness yet.

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Man, I love chimes. This is lovely. One of my favorite things to include in mixes I make (besides the occasional dude screaming in Russian) is various tracks involving chimes from Freesound, so this made me think of that. This just sounds like icicles at the cold end of the year.
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This was so lovely, and is much more my kind of way to ring in the new year - introspective, quiet, hopeful, with crickets...
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limeonaire - That's a beautiful analogy about the icicles.

ikahime - I like a quiet NYE as well. Welcome to MeFi Music!

I'm very much an amateur on chimes; I have to thank Secretariat for a prior MeFi Music challenge, because it made me dust off my (gift) set of chimes a few years ago in an attempt to figure out how to play them. I'm glad they turned out okay for this.

Thanks very much to you both!
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Heard it again at the end of the call-in podcast and teared up while I was driving around - the combo of the song's sweetness and all the Mefite voices warmed this grinchy heart.
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