Tell Her I Love Her

September 16, 2018 8:02 PM

An astronaut's lament


Tell her I love her. I hope it's enough, sir to make up for all of the time I have wasted alone in the basement, clearing my mind of all it's distractions. Preparing for action. To do what no man has ever achieved, sir: to live in the ether. To watch from the sky as I float high above her. So tell her I love her and hope that our child will not grow to hate me. Though only a baby, he'll soon be aware of my absence and wonder what he could have done, sir, to drive me away to the skies and the heavens. I hope that she tells him that I love him still, though I drift ever farther towards uncharted stars, sir, never to come home. I will always think of her, so tell her I love her. It's time I should go.

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I like these textures. The slow, continuous swell feels inevitable... which is nice.
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Yeah, this builds so nicely, almost inevitably like uncleozzy says. Doesn't pull any punches. Why did you tag m83? And Magnetic Fields in your "You're so Dangerous"? Give yourself more credit! ;)
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Just giving props to my influences! The repetitive drum thing was drawn from "Run Into Flowers." I should have also tagged Grandaddy since "Nonphenomenal Lineage" is also a clear precursor.

In terms of inevitability, I wanted the song to feel like a slow-motion video of a rocket taking off. I imagine the protagonist sitting in the head of the rocket, talking to mission control, doing all of the pre-flight tests and looking through a porthole at his house, on a hill in the distance, where his wife stares back through the window and watches the launch, infant in her arms. Like, it is inevitable because he is past the point of no return.
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