Taxi in Cairo

September 17, 2018 10:35 AM

New song for the album featuring guitar, horns, strings, piano, drums, crooning

Another taxi
in Cairo,
Something new
to cry over:

Another Foreigner
taking his shoes off
in the grass.

Three years have passed.

Well, I knew
that I would be gone
But I didn't know
for how long.

Well, I knew.

Another taxi
in Cairo,
Something new
to cry over:

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("Another foreigner / taking his shoes off / in the grass" is a riff on Oh Fernanda Why by Arthur Russell)
posted by Corduroy at 10:39 AM on September 17

That's just plain lovely.
posted by umbú at 7:28 PM on September 17

This is nice. The bit that you slide into around 2:30 is a nice treat.
posted by uncleozzy at 6:28 AM on September 18

I really like how in five short syllables, the words taxi in cairo evoke a very vivid image.
posted by umbú at 8:53 AM on September 19 [1 favorite]

Thanks, umbú and uncleozzy! i'm really excited about how this album is coming along, meaning the elements being added to it by my friend as I watch from afar. For example, the instrumental in the middle with the rainy cafe jazz piano was not in the original recording, but he created it by doubling the intro bars of guitar picking, which is just magical to me... the benefits of recording with someone tapping on your shoulder to help you keep time as you play!
posted by Corduroy at 9:57 AM on September 19 [1 favorite]

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