Three Way Mirror

December 18, 2018 6:36 PM

Track one off our most recent release, a dual album set called Infrared & Ultraviolet. This is the first song on Ultraviolet. For once we get right to the point, & make a short & sweet 8 1/2 minutes. Made up on the spot - totally improvisational. Titled such because there's three of us & we mirror one another as we play. Plus, it breaks space.

We recorded 2 nights-worth of music in August. Set up to record on a Monday & recorded on Tuesday. At the end of recording on Tuesday night, we were too beat to tear it all down, so we decided to re-convene on Friday. All told, we came away with 3.5 hours of usable music. This was the first thing we played when we re-convened that Friday. The sudden beginning is because I was diving for the record button after Dennis was already out of the chute. We're at our rockiest here & I think this has some pent up enthusiasm that we'd all been holding onto.

Every time I do this, I think I make incremental progress as a recordist & mixer -- the drums on this are a step forward for me.

Dennis Bruhn; Drums, Klaxons.
Ron Tindle; Prophet 5 & Various electronic noise.
Chris Vreeland; Bass, recording, mixing.

Music for vigorously scrubbing out stubborn stains or caked on grime, keeping your neighbors awake at random hours & composing angry letters to the editor.

This was the only thing from either session short enough to fit here, but the rest of these sessions are available at our website and on bandcamp

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I've been trying to do a bit of catching up by listening to the Recent Tracks stream, and when this started I knew it was a Devils Rancher post! Nice to listen to while working. I wasn't scrubbing out stubborn stains but it definitely helped me concentrate on some detailed tasks. I like when the drums and the bass sync up at times.
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