The Barefoot Polka

December 21, 2018 8:40 AM

"Gymnopedie" is just a pretentious word for "Barefoot". I made this for DJ Stashu's Homemade Polka Contest on WFMU.

I took a midi file of Satie's Gymnopedies and tweaked it a bit.

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I have no idea what Satie would think, but I think it's great fun.
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I think that the fact that it's still compelling at that speed attests to it being a really solid chord progression and melody.

I was wondering what gymnopedie meant!
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This owns
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"Gymnopedie" is just a pretentious word for "Barefoot".

People disagree about what that title really means, but according to here, and elsewhere online, the 'pedie' in this case doesn't refer to feet, but comes from a Greek word meaning 'children’s play.' And most people say 'naked' instead of 'bare' – in other words, in the old days in Greece, a gymnopedia was a group of naked young people doing a sacred dance at a religious festival.

In any case, the music you post here is always inventive, and this one particularly appeals to me.
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