04 - cherish - vampire deer

May 16, 2019 8:18 AM

just memories

i have explained i'm not as i was born
should i explain how the years have worn
i was romantic i brought fire to earth
and burned myself for a candle's worth
i'm not the man you set up as your knight
my armor got rusty but i kept up the fight
when i realized i had to fight you too
i had to win, but i had to lose you
love's silent betrayals lie in our bed
in anger we cherish the things we have said
and the chains we have done weigh us down like stone
and now we know we have strayed alone
you do as you want you get your own way
and self-destruction's the hell you pay
i could do what i want and reach for a touch
but after your sting i don't want one that much
once again i'll be somebody new
i'll maybe stay angry i'll maybe break through
i'll maybe stay safe and out of your way
as you decide if you're going to stay
i am a stranger i am a thief
i am your millstone and your relief
swear to have but not really willing to hold
as my heart becomes restless and old

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