July 31, 2019 11:25 PM

This isn't really about anything. It's just a solo improv piano piece called Principals.

principal[ prin-suh-puhl ]

an organ stop.
the subject of a fugue.
(in a framed structure) a member, as a truss, upon which adjacent or similar members depend for support or reinforcement.
each of the combatants in a duel, as distinguished from the seconds.

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Doleful Creature is even back in the mix! Welcome back! What a tune, this is gorgeous. Bravo
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real nice
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I set some words to this - I hope you like it, but if not, there's no limit to putting words to a tune, right?

Been all over A-mer-i-ca
Riding the rails - seen a bit of everything
And now I know (this) country well
Pilgrims and pioneer Dreamers
They are like you, you and you
Salt of the earth

And from what I have seen
I know it's not everything
But there's a feeling in the land
Somewhere dignity and grace prevail

The soil the farmers till, the fact'ry worker's strong hands
Across the highways in every town I've seen
There are still those who know the founding principals that brought us here
And think not of them
For when a thing is in your heart
Infused with all you do each day
There is no need to beat a drum
Actions speak loud enough for words
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Hmm..."founding principles" would have been better, even though it's not the song's title. Luckily they are homonyms.
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That’s beautiful, AppleSeed! Thank you for sharing your words :)
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