And the Sunlight Among the Trees

December 31, 2019 10:28 PM

A short (1:27) original piece of me on solo piano. It's a reworking / different arrangement of a previous tune I posted, which was piano & guitar. This is a slightly different take on rhythm and melody -- more of a contemplative feeling, and still reflective and reassuring (I hope). Happy new year, MetaFilter!

Meant to post this last year but kept getting stuck on what to call it. So in the interest of not beanplating it any longer, I came up with the title today and here it is. One more thing I can check off as completed for 2019!

Not sure what "genres" this might fit under (new age? tunes to fall asleep to?) so I'd appreciate any ideas.

Although I'm not a pianist (apologies to my childhood piano teacher) I'm actually pleased by how this turned out. There's sort of a reprise version also which I may post in the future -- yet another variation on this.

(Side story: When I played this for my mother, she said it sounded like something that could be from a movie, where the protagonist walks through a garden or outdoorsy path meaningful to them. So that's sort of where the title inspiration is from. Also one of my dreams as a kid was to compose film soundtracks, so I'm especially fond of her comment and happily accept that this tune could be in her imaginary movie.)

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Took inspiration from the title just now and stared out the window as it played, observing the eponymous sunlight and trees (there is also quite a bit of wind, which expands the overall cinematic experience your mother mentioned). Really nice; calming and good for getting lost in deep breaths. Thanks.
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Hi youarenothere, nice to see you over here :) and thanks for taking the time to listen and leave such a kind note! Glad to hear this helped in some part with your brief calming break to watch the sun and trees, with the guest appearance of the wind.
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