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January 31, 2020 11:56 PM

This thread reminded me that I haven't actually played jazz in a long time.

I've mostly gotten to the point as a musician where I can play what I hear decently well, but bebop has always been challenging in particular not for any dissonant notes in play but for the sinewy, bar-crossing lines that are idiomatic to the genre, so I thought I'd set myself a challenge and try to get out at least one coherent chorus over a nice easy set of changes like the ones from "Autumn Leaves." That it was a challenge may be various kinds of obvious from how my time is all over the place, but I like this one! Layering it with tape wobble and hiss serves the dual purpose of making it sound old, which I imagine is exactly what a jazz guy would aspire to do, but more importantly takes the edge off my playing!

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...and it loops around at the end, which is not even the most inscrutably unasked-for thing that Ableton has done for me tonight.
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This is lovely! Kept surprising me, while still feeling familiar in some way. I like the tape wobble, personally. Is this a real piano or synthesizer? Also, I welcome unintentional the looping back at the end!
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Hey, thanks! I did use a digital piano for MIDI input, but the actual sound comes from Native Instrument's Una Corda sample library.
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I used this in this month's podcast!
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