Mean ol' Coronavirus

March 14, 2020 8:16 AM

I wrote a little tune about that darn microscopic critter the whole world is talking about. I made a little video for it, too. If you wanna see it, it's here. Put it on Bandcamp as well, just for good measure, as an AIF file, which of course I'd be delighted if you bought for a buck. Or more. Cause all my damn gigs are cancelled lately.

Mean ol' Coronavirus

that mean ol’ coronavirus
sure is puttin’ a crimp in my evenin‘
i was supposed to go out drinkin’ with a couple of friends
won’t be as fun to stay at home, you best believin’
ah but i guess it’s a small price to pay
better than lying in the ICU a week from Thursday... hey hey hey
(that means Intensive Care Unit y'all ... in case you didn’t know)

that mean ol’ coronavirus
some people say it ain’t a thing to get all worried about
and i’d agree we mustn’t let ourselves be paralyzed by fear
but we can take some extra cautions
man there ain’t no doubt
wash your hands real good and do it often
put some alcohol on ‘em if you can
and try to stay away
stay away from crowded places like they say

it’s called a pandemic people
and that ain’t nothin’ to be cavalier about, y’see ...
we got to think of our friends and loved ones and old folks
i take care of you and you take care of me
we’re all a part of a community

that mean ol’ corona virus
we got to utilize our common sense
and it’s sad but true but we got to face one fact
we can‘t always rely on our governments
got politicians making speeches talkin’ trash an’ tellin’ lies
better listen to the experts is what i would advise
i would advise

coronavirus we're gonna beat you in the end
plus we’ll see which politicians are the people’s true friend
and with any luck then they’ll be gone just like that virus will
let’s send ‘em tumblin’ down the hill
just like ol’ Jack and Jill
coronavirus . . . coronavirus
ooh, take some of these politicians with you when you go

Words and Music copyright 2020 Samm Bennett, All Rights Reserved

released March 14, 2020
Recorded at Polarity Studio, Tokyo, March 14, 2020

Samm Bennett: vocal, 3-string guitar, percussion

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*stands up, applauds loudly*
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Just plunked $1 into your tip hat. Someday the gigs will come back. In the meantime stay healthy and keep writing.
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