01 - st stephen's night - vampire deer

March 14, 2020 4:24 PM

and so it was time to do another RPM album in feb - st stephen's night as if this makes any sense ...

st stephen tell me
why no one goes to the tower any more
phillips escalator's working
but it doesn't always stop at every floor
i saw a cross in the sky
but it was just a blue heron
everybody judges everyone
by the branded clothes they are wearing
and you can't build a kingdom without a king
so here's a paper crown
be careful how you wear it
don't be mistaken for a clown
people say it's crazy
but i know it's just on sale
people say we're crazy
but i know we're just for sale
and so stephen's tower is falling down
because the nails are rusting
the police are going insane
with the people they are busting
people say it's some kind of karma
but it's just a different mall
people say it's crazy
but then again aren't we all

posted by pyramid termite

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