Where else do you share/collab/etc.?

October 28, 2020 11:46 AM

Hi folks: I realize the irony of my asking this as my first-ever post to MeFiMuTa, but I'm wondering where else folks are congregating online to share their work. For feedback, community, the sheer joy or process of making ... open to any reasons. How large or small of a community is it? Is it constrained by your genre? Do you feel like there are good spaces out there for the work you do? And even so, what are you missing in those communities (aside from the glaringly obvious dearth of playing and sharing in-person)? (Yes, I'm way behind in posting music here, but I'm trying to put in the work now to do better here and elsewhere, hence the question.)
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I have a soundcloud that I never really use, and finished stuff gets posted to my Bandcamp, but for sharing and feedback MeFi Music is it for me.
posted by TheCoug at 6:30 PM on November 7

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