Grave E Cantible

November 7, 2020 10:42 PM

Franz Joseph Haydn

The subtitle for this is "The Last Seven Words Of Christ". Having finished it Saturday, the shift in tone from dark/grave to uplifting seems fitting for this week as both red and blue states waited tensely for the election to be official. This abridged piano chart seemed a bit odd until I looked it up and discovered it's customarily performed on strings. So once again I've translated piano music back to constituent parts.

Synth nerd details: this track features OB-XD the free Oberheim emulator. The ostinato is a preset of Dexed, the free DX7 emulator. The OB-XD violin track was a little weak (my fault), so I added a Yamaha MOX-6 solo violin voice to give the sound a little rosin. I experimented with my expression pedal but decided not to use it here and didn't mess with track automation, so the dynamics mostly went out the window - I wasn't trying to mimic acoustic instruments.

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Some fun sounds in here, I like the sort of overkill synth vibe. It sounded quite sinister at first (maybe that's Haydn's intended vibe, I'm not really familiar), to me, but then those fast plucked/"finger-picked" notes added something else. I feel like this would go well in an intensely weird indie movie, which is a compliment in my book. Thanks for sharing!
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Great track & appreciate the synth details!
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