April 28, 2021 10:07 PM

So I play in this cover band back home that is a bit heavier in terms of sound and we have a keyboard player so I keep saying we should do a metal version of Sandstorm. No one believes me that it will work so I decided to make a quick demo to show them what is possible. A super metal lead guitar takes the place of the lead synth, the chords are from my dad's old Roland JX-8P, bass is my Stingray 5, and the drums are factory keyboard drums performed live on the Roland DP-90. sandstorm Great song!!!!

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This was good times! I think you proved the concept, and I hope your band takes it up. The terraced entrance buildup in Sandstorm is a common thing in metal, too, so it's well suited for a metal treatment.

It'd be interesting to see what a live drummer does with this. A blast beat or double kick part could be really exciting. Also, doubling the keyboards with rhythm guitar could be great. (Khemmis replaced keyboard with guitar in their Rainbow in the Dark cover, and it was surprisingly great.) This is rife with possibilties!
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Thanks for the feedback! Double kick is a VERY good call
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Yeah tell your band the internet said you could do this. This is going to be so cool.
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I love Sandstorm an unreasonable amount, and I love this also.
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uncleozzy basically said what I was going to say.

Except that, having not heard live music in about 18 months or so, if I heard a band play this live right now, I imagine I'd lose my shit in the best possible way.
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Agreed on all counts, this needs to happen
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Yeah full on, proper this needs to be turned into a live thing

make it so.

By the way, why is it I seem to have always heard this song, yet suddenly I know what song it IS, and it's popping up everywhere?
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