A Heavy Lift

October 28, 2021 6:02 AM

A song against the powerful. Or the all-powerful. Or about screaming into the void. Hey, piano!

Had this demo sitting on my hard drive for months, finally decided to put the vocals on a couple days ago. Did exactly two takes and left it at that. I am not by any stretch a piano player but I willed some piano playing out of myself to get this done. Still not sure how I feel about this. It's giving Foo Fighters in the chorus and I don't explicitly hate it but I'm not at ease with it either. I sing like a man and I don't know what to do about that, honestly it makes me a little bit dysphoric but what can you do?

Anyway I like the fuzz sound in the second chorus and the solo.

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Hey this is really nice. Organic power poppy warmth.
I'm hearing more Wilco than Foo! Not so much your voice but your phrasing in the verses reminded me of Tweedy a little bit and then that little guitar riff run-up to the chorus was pure Big Star. Love the piano.
One way I've played around with my voice is with plug-ins? You can get some decent ones that don't sound like cheesy autotune pitch-shifty garbage.
Anyhow great song.
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A song is only as good as its bones and this song's got good bones. From what I can hear it's just piano, two guitars, and your voice, but the brain fills in the rest of what's there (and incidentally each brain being different etc.). Another angle to this is that your spare arrangement means the instruments have to do double-duty (i.e. Piano plays percussion and calls out the current chord; acoustic guitar adds another element of percussion and background notewash, and the electric guitar doesn't just play chords, it provides harmony with the melody of the voices. Which are also "of a type" but it's a type I like. (I guess the "type" is 1990's indie grunge and you do it better than most.) Also, the song doesn't follow the soft-loud-soft trope, and has actual parts to it. While the piano provides a kind of drone, the rest of the song shuffles variations on a theme.

And it sounds like you put a lot of yourself into it, so nice one eh
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