January 30, 2022 10:40 PM

Another pop song

Someone told me about the lies that you had said and
That I got pro bono
You came between it; it already was said and
Already done before

It might have happened when you told me what you think and
It wasn't unnnoticed
I can't abide it, and I know that you're a friend, and
I won't be there for you

And I don't like you there
And you know it's not fair
You cannot talk me out of this now
And I don't want you there
And the time is drawing near when
Nobody's left for you

And I don't want you there
You know it's not fair
Doesn't matter what the other ones have said
and if you want this dead
I'll only turn around and
I ain't lost for long

Now you're convinced that you see figures in the cosmos
You could be vulnerable and take a chance
And you could drive out into the country but
Nobody lasts there for long

And I don't recognize you anyway now and
I don't know where you went to cover up
But I know you will find the answer
Follow the route to the door

posted by CarrotAdventure

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