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December 3, 2022 8:25 PM

Can you get nostalgia from a license plate?

My memories of being an oblivious and happy kid in early 70s Ontario which to me was about big new ideas, the concrete open-concept public school I went to and TVOntario and the Science Centre and accessible healthcare (although I didn't know it at the time) and music and fun and being cool to each other and also cool cars and radios and shiny new plastic technology. Video!

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Really really lovely - thanks so much for sharing this!
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Oh man, you've captured a time and place for certain people!

The family car was, for a while, a 1975 Olds Delta 88. I think it got about 3 mpg.

The elementary school I went to had a "newer" addition to the building which I guess was added in the early 70s or so, and which was all open-concept classrooms. IIRC, it was just called "the open area," and was rife with distractions.

Woe betide the teacher who was trying to run a lesson while the class in the next "room" over (there were these rolling chalkboard divider thingies that kinda demarcated them) was watching a film, which we'd all crane our necks to watch while we were supposed to be doing something else.
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Thanks so much, folks.

Yeah I've read the open classroom thing subsequently being called a "failed experiment" but I freaking loved it. The the library was the "resource centre" in the centre of all the class areas, where there were those banks of huge headphones and you and 5 of your friends could go listen to Sound Effects or Abba records or whatever.
When my daughter was in middle school a several years ago she had a field trip for which they needed parent volunteers and the trip was to my old school, the one in the song, so I jumped at the chance to see it. They'd built walls everywhere and divided it all up. I wandered around and took pictures. There was still a big patch of the old stripey 70s carpet in a closet.
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Used a bit of this for the end of this month's podcast!
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It feels really nice to get a dose of an optimistic time!

It makes me realize that, though nostalgia has some dangerous properties, it's almost always genuine. You never think "they're faking it" when people are remembering a happier time.
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This is lovely and as a kid of the same vintage and place, it does indeed evoke the ol' nostalgia.
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