Breaking The Mecanique (SPRKLTNE mix)

March 3, 2007 1:59 PM

In which I screw up that which was perfect just the way it was.

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Actually, I didn't do that much to the original. I stretched a couple sections out, but it's only 20 seconds longer than the original (still under 3 minutes!). Beyond the looping of a couple sections to make those bits of the original a little longer, I didn't touch it structurally, or sonically.

I decided I'd rather try to put a little bit of a rhythm track under the original to accent/underline what was already there, rather than use it for something radically different that was more its own thing.

I think it works pretty well.
posted by sparkletone at 2:04 PM on March 3, 2007

Very nice, thanks. Intense but sweet.
posted by mediareport at 9:08 PM on November 11, 2007

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