March 21, 2007 8:57 AM

This is a cover *gulp* (really more of a tribute) of a song by this other band called O'Death. I contacted them a while ago about doin it and they said hell yeah, do it up. (They are quite a different sort of band from us). Anyway, this is me singin an playin the fiddle. Hope you like it.

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oh yeah here's us hilljacks: obligatory narcissistic crappy myspace page
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Yowza, that's good stuff. I don't hear enough fiddle in the average week, I think. And your vocals really nail that sort of hillbilly mourn thing.
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It is. It makes me feel like I'm living in the wrong city, I can never find anyone to play with.

What a cool band, and what a cool song. I really have nothing else to say other than I really like your stuff. Please keep 'em coming.

And as for O'Death. I checked their myspace page and saw "Gothic / Country / Punk" and I thought "yeah, right." Then the sound started and I was blown away! So thx for your songs and thx for the ink to O'Death.
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Sweet B_B!
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This is quality stuff! I love the banjo groove and the fiddle is just gorgeous. I am so jealous of your fiddle skills. Very nice vocal overdubs too. I'm off to check out your other tracks!
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And your vocals really nail that sort of hillbilly mourn thing.

That would be the high and lonesome sound.
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Some time later, giving a relisten, great stuff :) Vocals are very Fogerty.
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