Going To Abiline

March 24, 2007 7:19 PM

I wrote this song a few years back, and have always wanted to record it, so I could try some of the back up vox I've heard in my head. Now, I went and did it! I'm a little nervous about posting it, but I figured I should just go and do it before I lose my nerve. The guitars are pretty quiet, but I suck at recording, it was the best I could do.
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but I suck at recording,

Well, you certainly DON'T suck at playing and singing. This is another high-point for MuFi. Thanks for posting it. It's beautiful!
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Eep, yes, Abilene. You can clearly tell I've never set foot in Texas. Now that's going to drive me crazy!

Thanks so much for the nice feedback, snsranch -- I really, really appreciate it!
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This was wonderful, thanks for posting. I'm not sure how you recorded it, but as a hint for next time, if you're using mics and recording separately, aim the mics at the 12th fret and back up a bit from it (less than a foot, but more than 6 inches). This might help on the guitar sound. Great stuff and I look forward to hearing more.
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sleepy pete, thanks so much. That is an incredibly helpful tip. I used a mic, pointed directly at the, um, giant hole in my guitar (Heh. There MUST be a technical term for that), with basically just enough room for my hand between the guitar and the mic. I will definitely try your method and see if it gets me better results.
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I can't get it to play or download the mp3, does anybody else have the same problem?
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MeFiMusic's all fucked up! Meanwhile, I'm thinking about this old tune:

Abilene, Abilene
prettiest town that I ever seen
women there don't treat you mean
back in Abilene, my Abilene

My sister used to sing it, back in her folkie days.
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Abilene paradox.
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