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January 29

Where Have All The Flowers Gone?

In memory of Pete Seeger, a two-uke rendition of one of his best-known tunes. Video here if you're interested. [more inside]

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The Silent Bugler

Punky instrumental surf rock in the vein of Man or Astro-Man? (with stylophone!) [more inside]

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January 26

it's the same idea

Wrote and recorded this a couple of years ago. This is where I left it, a couple of notches or more away from perfect... but it's got some good things about it, including a really messed up (in a good way) guitar solo. [more inside]

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January 24

John Irving

Metafilter Music Challenge Jan/Feb 2014 [more inside]

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January 22

How do you make music?

Made with samples of my voice. My sister wanted to know how you "make" an instrument on the computer. [more inside]

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call for scores for toy chihuahua

CALL FOR SCORES 26 beats long to be performed on Disklavier by this toy chihuahua at Qubit Machine Music festival NYC Feb 13th. [more inside] posted by moonmilk at 12:08 PM PST - 13 comments

January 20

Black Mountain Blues

This is a little fingerstyle blues thing I've been working on for a while, indebted to Mississippi John Hurt and a little bit of John Fahey. [more inside]

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January 19

Sredni Vashtar - The Loop

Four chords, a guitar loop and loping drums. Trying to keep things simple for once. More here.

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I was lonely

Samples, synths, feelings.

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January 18


Synth-based dance with a nocturnal air. [more inside]

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A short piano piece.

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January 16

Why Is My Guitar On Fire?

A short, sweet, rap-free collaboration with MC Frontalot.

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going for a deep lo-fi groove

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January 15

Baidom (Lieutenant Walt Mix)

A collaboration between myself and my old friend Walt Fleming (either formerly or currently the keyboardist of Calgary Pirate-Metal band Verbal Deception). Original MIDI composed by me & sent to Walt, who assigned synth sounds and somehow found the perfect formula of riffs, beeps & boops to layer on top. An artifact from our high-school days when we had a side project together called the Math Rangers. Walt was one of those strange, crazy, self-taught musical geniuses whose work inexplicably ends up dwelling in obscurity. I thought that this track, at the very least, should be heard.

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January 14

you awoke like

Pretty excited about this one. This was a weird kinda experimental duet I wrote a long time ago and I'm finally starting to mess around with it for reals. It features my lovely and talented friend Pat. As per usual, I could always use some advice. Tricky stuff starts around 1:07. [more inside]

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Talking To Some Chickens

The other day I was talking to some chickens. Video here.

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January 11

Somebody to Love (You)

Full on frenzied singalong Northern Soul with some spectacularly funktastic drumming from my pal Darrell. Put on your dancing shoes and join in the 'You-oooo's if you want.

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January 10

Brilliant Pebbles

Another rough and ready rehearsal recording from Sredni Vashtar [more inside]

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January 8

Very Narrow

A quick little song inspired by Jessamyn's comment at the two-minute mark on Podcast #88. [more inside]

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Slow March

Quick concept and messing around with my new DAW setup. Still working out song structure, so this is dirt simple with very little variation on the theme and only one bridge. [more inside]

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BatterseaRise - A fancy, complete and polished intro so a song I have yet to write the rest of.

A very quick intro/chorus I finally polished up this morning. I just need to write the other 78% of the song now. Thoughts? [more inside]

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January-February Challenge: Musicologize a Book

As suggested by Doleful Creature, this two-month challenge is to pick a popular book and a scene or character from that book and write a song about it. [more inside] posted by greenish at 7:24 AM PST - 20 comments

January 7

stayin in touch

A song written by my brother, who recently came home from a two year Senegal Peace Corp stint. To paraphrase his contention: "If you want to catch up, put your phone down and take your pants off." [more inside]

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January 5

Samphire Dub

A minimal dub jam. I put together the rhythm and melody in Nanostudio on my iPad while cruising the South Pacific over Christmas. Added the bass and lead guitar when I got home in Garageband. It makes me happy, mostly. [more inside]

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January 3

Market Music

A full year of the stock market translated into a reggae song of sorts, to go along with an animated data visualization I created. [more inside]

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