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January 31

Jazz Guy

This thread reminded me that I haven't actually played jazz in a long time. [more inside]

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You're The Reason Why

A jangly, upbeat tune about missed opportunities. Lyrics are vaguely nonsensical. [more inside]

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January 25

Wintry Mix

An ambient/drone piece from my newly released album Float (pay-what-you-want on Bandcamp). I'm breaking a habit of expressing anxiety and foreboding through my music, and aiming to spread some tranquility and wonder instead. [more inside]

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January 20

Best Booty on the Farm

Recently met a dog with a mighty fine behind. [more inside]

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January 16


This song is a short instrumental. [more inside]

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January 14

The Bridges of Amsterdam (Original Soundtrack)

Song I wrote for a montage of travel footage. [more inside]

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Jacob's Well

A re-recording of this song for an album that I swear is coming out soon (for the four people out there vaguely aware of it). Features acoustic guitar, harmonies from talented friends Ings and Jon David Russell, an instrument like a marimba that I forget the name of, and a flute solo (!) at the end. [more inside]

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January 4


Short, sweet, sappy love song. [more inside]

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