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October 31

A Ninja Weighing the Pros and the Cons

I was able to get back to Looptober at the last minute! [more inside]

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October 27

Space Pirates

Someday in the future, we'll be space pirates together. [more inside]

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Escalating Damage

Mildly frightening music for the mildly frightening time of year

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October 15

Streets of Bakersfield [Buck Owens via Pete Kurie]

A ripoff of a cover. Check the cover version that I ripped off, it's great.

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October 11

Outcropping of Death

I kinda just chugged and then arranged some chaotic drums for this Looptober loop, which goes three times here.

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October 10

Björktober 6: Possibly Maybe

a fuzzy loop

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October 9

Björktober 5: Pagan Poetry

today's looptober loop was inspired by the Björk song of the same name.

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October 8


Today's Looptober loop is blatantly Metroid-inspired. [more inside]

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October 7

Björktober 4: Jóga

toy electric violin and terrible beatboxing.

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October 6

Björktober 3: Ovule

Short loop repeated 3 times, which may be several times too many. I think I really captured the essence of the original song here.

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sonata 1 movement 4, bach

the first half of (what's supposed to be) a presto

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October 5

Björktober 2: It's Oh So Quiet

Another looptober! [more inside]

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Loops for the loop god [more inside]

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October 4

Preparing Lapsang Souchong

Today's Looptober has a sample I recorded while making tea.

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Björktober 1: Army of Me

For looptober I'm taking inspiration and/or stealing from one Björk single each day, as randomly selected for me by google. It's a short loop so it plays twice here, and could loop forever. [more inside]

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(never titled)

recorded on my living room rug in an afternoon [more inside]

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October 3


This is for Looptober! It's three 3.5 second loops repeated 25 times. There's two dryer parts and one bass part. It's one of those attempts to make the irregular seem regular through repetition.

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One Day Those Tiny Wheels Will Start to Spin Again

Fast guitar, keys.

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October 2

improvisation on some counterpoint ideas

I am just learning, piano is my second instrument. I like to record one take improvised pieces if that first track goes ok then I might improvise another track or two. That is my process, I don't want to get into long edited and mixed work for now. However, if anyone wants music I'm willing to work a lot more and polish things up.

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October 1

the gael

the last of the mohicans theme song [more inside]

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