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November 27

Sunroof glass

Trying out a new thing with an honest song about actual life. [more inside]

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November 21


Walking with pushchairs to make the little one sleep forces you outside. [more inside]

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November 20


'Scheme' is a new song by Sredni Vashtar. [more inside]

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November 19

Third Song, by Bulbs for Leonard

"Space Calliope Noise" is a good descriptor for this, the first "song" from my new la la blah blah dum dum dee dah music thing, Bulbs for Leonard [more inside]

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November 17

Told Me So

Chiptune fun, dressed up with a vocal sample

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Happy Birthday Gordon Lightfoot

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November 16

Nothing but the Rain

So I feel like I owe a thank you to MeFi Music--this is the first place I started putting all my works in progress, even when it was just iPhone voice memos. Getting a few thoughtful comments was really encouraging and lovely. Then I graduated to better home recordings on SoundCloud and here, and today I put out this "official" first single everywhere. Yet another intense, moody alternative folk song with a real guitarist this time. [more inside]

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November 15

I Will Work For Honey (Tim Long's Unidentified String Band)

"'I will work for honey!' This girl looks at me and goes, 'what?' I go 'yeah, it goes like this.'" [more inside]

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November 12


Finally taking the full rig for a proper spin again!

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November 6

An Even Newer Kind of Beat 2

Fanfare for the common synth

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Entropic Landing

Wrote it in Garageband on a plane from Seattle to Austin. Electronic, trying to make synthwave. Maybe it's transgaywave.

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November 3

Remote! // Kanye Made This Ok

The last song on the album Magic 8 Ball that I made with my bandmate Ari Brown; Now streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and everywhere else [more inside]

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