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November 25

American Synthsgiving

Synth demo in 2 parts. Featuring new gear acquisition the Korg S3 drum machine!

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November 19

Apophenia by Phantom West

"What boldness we sanction / What feats we imagine / But what would have happened / If Mike Collins came home alone?" [more inside]

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November 14

humdrum experimental vocals

still trying to learn how to sing. maybe someday. [more inside]

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Reconsidering Your Destiny

For heroes pondering during their downtime. [more inside]

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November 12


A little gtr, a little marimba, a little synth.

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November 8

Coordinated Weather Waves

I love listening to shortwave radio on the web. I love mixing sounds together and processing them until they ooze. For whatever reason, this track relaxes me, like the Shipping News. Your mileage may vary.

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November 7

Searching the Bogs

Literally, a seven-minute transition between two chords. [more inside]

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Orca jam with an OP-Z. [more inside]

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November 2

Ambient Office - Feedback Edition

After reading way too much about cybernetic theory I put together a feedback patch to provide some period-appropriate music to my Serge system. [more inside]

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