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September 27

Limes from Lemonade (lo-fi demo)

This is a lo-fi demo of a new song I wrote recently. It was an experiment in seeing what I could sketch out with the least effort just using my phone. I doubled and harmonized with my own vocals in the chorus, but didn't have any multitracking software on my phone to do it, so I used a freeware app that let me record and mix a second vocal as input to the waveform of my original performance. [more inside]

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Apples and Walnuts

A few weeks ago I was asked to play at the wedding of some friends. I don't really have anything appropriate, but was (against the odds) able to write something for it. This is it. [more inside]

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September 26


Ambient bell arp single take performance phase music

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September 25


5am ambient in dhoby ghaut, swingapore

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Regarding wretched, manic suburban excess.

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The Greatest Pleasure My Body Knows Is To Bathe With Old Men

Quick and dirty recording of a song about using the proximity of other people in the bath at the gym as a substitute for relationships. [more inside]

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September 24

I say Goodbye (hello to you)

A brief description of the song. Recorded 2015 early 2016 sometime and frozen away. Another song only ever played one time. Second motif arrives at midway. Layers sound better in headphones, better for the low end of the spectrum too.

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Plain Dislike You

I felt like destroying something so I destroyed this tune.

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September 22

Halle Hula - live from Hāpuna Beach

Sat down yesterday with my new uke, at a beach on the west cost of the Big Island, to revisit my Cohen/Elvis parody from several years ago.

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Worry About The World (cover/mashup)

This is a cover of a song my dad wrote (that I actually found via combing through his post history on Metafilter after he died) [more inside]

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Young Blood

A short song on a new ukulele about a thing I saw from a helicopter in Hawaii. [more inside]

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September 19


If you've ever watched Masterpiece Theater on PBS, you've heard this Rondeau by Jean Joseph Mouret. [more inside]

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September 18

wrong color for a heart

Inspired by a turn of phrase in the first episode of the podcast "Roderick on the Line" (, starts at around the 45min mark. The guy is saying to God, why have you cursed me to this absurd (in the Camus sense) existence and God answers, just give up. [more inside]

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September 13

totally generic action

To illustrate a point I wanted to make in the Marvel Movie Music thread I started playing around with Kontakt cinematic patches, but by the time I'd finished I'd sort of forgotten what my point was and decided to upload it anyway because I've got no self control at all.

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September 12

My Secret Marilyn Monroe

About 24 years ago, between 1992--1995 or so, I played in a popular art rock band in Panama City, Florida, called Killing Darlings. An old friend recently gave me access to his stash of the lo-fi recordings we produced over the years with that band, and this is one of them. There's a longer playlist of recovered tracks over here on Sound Cloud. [more inside]

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September 11

8bit 1sl4nd

I work at BigCorp, which is having an internal contest to build songs for its hold music. This has finally given me the impetus to figure out how to actually make songs (rather than random sketches) with my newish OP-1. This one was built with an OP-1, along with a couple Pocket Operators (Arcade and Rhythm).

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September 10

Passing By And Thought I'd Drop In

Bluesy jam, guitars, slide, e-bow, harmonica & field recordings of a storm and a cattle auction. [more inside]

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September 7


I just bought FL Studio and started fooling around with it. I like trap music, so the beat is somewhat inspired by that. I have no idea how the rest of it fits in though. Warning: not a full song.

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