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September 30

It Don't Matter Who's First In Line

My golly, it's been years since I posted here! Shame on me. I miss the MeMu community. I recently released an album of kids' music, and thought I'd share a tune here. It's a classroom song about that age-old problem: cutting in line. [more inside]

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Down a Hole

Little bit o' indie, little bit o' sadboy, whole lotta pitchy singing. There's a swear in there, so watch out! [more inside]

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September 28

Manhattan Skyline

Some recent discussion on MeFi about the band a-ha reminded me that I'd recorded this acoustic cover of one of their songs a long time ago. This is actually based on an arrangement by Kings of Convenience, who made some interesting changes to the original song structure. Me on vocals and guitars (nylon-string and steel-string). [more inside]

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September 27

The Last Baseball Game

One day in the future, there might be no baseball. For environmental reasons or whatever. Anyways, this is the opening theme song for the Last Baseball Game

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It's been a while but I'm back with an evolving sound (and a changing voice). My new "official" single, "Time," is a midtempo, mysterious, moody alternative rock song with rich vocals. [more inside]

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September 8

In the Key of Escape

A soundtrack-y, texture-y work-in-progress experiment with generative features in Reason.

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September 4

Both Hands - cover (Ani DiFranco)

Acoustic guitar and voice. Pretty straight as far as my memory of the proper song goes. [more inside]

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