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April 12, 2007 1:16 PM

4/10/07 rehearsal recording in LA. Trying out some new repertoire... well, new for me. This adorably sweet little song was written in 1928. I decided not to put any kind of modern spin on it, but to just sing it slow and straight. (Guitar by the always adorable Barry Zweig.)

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BTW, I'm officially calling this set of recordings (I'll post more) "The Smoke Alarm Sessions." You may hear a little beep once in a while in the background... that's cuz Barry REALLY needs to change the battery in his apartment's smoke alarm.
posted by miss lynnster at 1:20 PM on April 12, 2007

Charming, as usual. I love these straightforward renditions that you do and I gotta give you a thumbs up for posting this take with the "climb a burning desert...oops...climb a burning desert?" in. I love it.

Can't get enough of your singin', hope you don't get tired of posting.
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Thanks. :)

Audiences rarely catch a lyric flub so I never say "oops" or point it out when I screw up onstage, but during these rehearsals we're just hanging out & having fun so I'm not trying to be perfect. It entertained me when I heard myself sing it.
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Simon Cowel: "Ah, that was loverly dear, but you forgot the lyrics."

You: "It's rehearsal jackass!"

miss lynnster, this is just great stuff! This is going to be some awesome ammo for the next time I have a baby sitter and get some quiet time with my girl. Whoo hoo, sweet! (Thanks:)
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I've been soured on music with human voices lately. This track changed my mind.
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"Mighty ocean wide"

The way you say wide, is so Ella Fitzgerald.
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Ahhh. Perfect Saturday morning music. Great great great!

And your website is cool, except of course auto-playing music drives me crazy.
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Glad you liked it. And for future ref, if you look on the bottom right of my webpage you'll see where it says "This music bugs me. Turn it off." Click there. Craziness solved! :)
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lol! The flub ruled. So does your bassist, and you sound lovely!
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This is good stuff.
I too liked the little mess up. It was cute. :)
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Oh my god, I love your singing.
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This is lovely. We direly need more women on Metafilter Music!!!
posted by ORthey at 11:54 AM on May 27, 2007

miss lynnster, this is my favorite version of this song. I just discovered it again hiding in my phone. Thank you.
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