love song for kilgore trout

April 12, 2007 1:53 PM

Sorry it's a little quick and dirty. I wrote this poem a few weeks back, and it seemed like today was a good day to record it in some fashion. Dedicated to Kurt, who's up in heaven now. About the song: It's just spoken word which i put over a little song i wrote in high school called "so it goes." It get's kinda noisy in parts, especially the outro. Hope you enjoy.

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oh...and first post here. be nice.
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That's pretty sweet. And I'm not being nice. Cool first post, way to go!
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The ambiance (and the tone of the reading) is reaaaaaally nice, and I really like what you do towards the end (I won't say what it is, in order not to spoil it for others).

One little thing. There are little places where I can't understand what you say, would you consider posting the words as a comment here?

Oh, and also: welcome.
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few differences, but:

we didn't have to get used to the cameras
they didn't have to convince us
we welcomed them into our homes
when they promised we'd be on tv
we checked the ratings
but most folks didn't get many hits

then, some young girls figured out
how they could boost viewership in the later hours
the boys soon followed suit
and so did i and so did you
and so it went

and some people were natural superstars
and some people worked at it like dogs
but you were something different
something rare and good
when so much that was good was common
and so much more that was good enough

and one day, when you were a young girl
a visitor came to you in your room
he wore strange dress and had strange, dark features
but he was
so beautiful

turns out the government WAS covering them up
we'd been fucking with them for years
we'd quickly conquered most that we'd met
and now entire populations on dozens of worlds
were mostly concerned with manual labor
and watching tv

and this foreigner came from a world
where they loved you the best
he told you that, though your ratings rarely broke the single digit millions
(a mere pittance for a young woman of your age and your...generous immodesty)
you were known to every man, woman and child of his people

he'd brought you gifts of clothing and lipstick
candy and toiletries
and replacement parts for toys you'd broken years before
(the children wanted you to have them, he explained.
we figured you'd outgrown such things.
but dear lord, who has the heart to tell that to a child?
think of it like your little drummer boy, no?)

and the strange little illegal
asked that you come with him in his strange vehical
(both elegant and primitive. a marriage of efficiency and functional grace!)
and visit his little world and his people
who loved you above all else
and i think there was some kind of hint that they were thinking about making you queen.
so you left me

though I still maintain that I was your number one fan
my girlfriend gets tired of hearing about it at parties

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It's really amazing. Fine alchemy.
posted by nicolin at 1:52 AM on June 6, 2007

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