May 26, 2007 3:17 AM

which stands for : guitar flute harp flute guitar. Last year my sister gave me her old dell inspiron 3800. I installed audacity on it and was in for multitrack recording. Actually, I didn't know that I could listen to the previous tracks and recording at the same time. So I recorded the first four tracks trying not to lose the tempo and then moving the track so it fitted with the rest, adding layer by layer. By the time I recorded the solo I had managed to listen to the background. Composition is not too ambitious, it was just a matter of testing.

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This is my favorite of what you've posted so far. You know, adding a shaker (or a sugarpot or a jar with rice or something like that) would be great. It's the kinda thing that doesn't get in the way and actually adds something to the whole. But it's really cool. A bit short, but cool.
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Wait, so you recorded each track while not listening to anything previous? Did you have a metronome or anything to keep track of tempo, or did you just wing it?
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Hi Karlos,

Well I had just my foot but I sort of made it in a short span of time : I was listening to the previous track, stopping it, then playing and recording, then putting it all together, listening, stopping, recording.. you can hear the harmonica isn't really in sync, it's somehow floating in the background ... seems pretty stupid, but that was the first time I was using audacity.
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But still, wow. You've got 10x the sense of timing I've got.
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well, I wish I had perfect pitch instead. This is where I'm loosing time.
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About adding a percussive instrument to that.. I just don't know how to play percussion. I plan to invest into a cajon but percussion isn't really my thing. I have to learn. So far I've been looking for programs that could help me to create drum tracks I could add to what I've recorded previously. But I don't understand a thing about VST and different formats : Is there a shorter way someone could indicate ? Thanks
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nicolin: This is an awesome and beautiful piece! I read your description and the following compliments (comments), and yet at the end I was still waiting to hear great applause! Seriously, but then I heard some noise and a beep. Mayby that was your PC giving you the thumbs up.
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I really like this.
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You know, you got soul.
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Geez, I love your outros!
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This is really beautiful, nicolin. Nicely done!
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