stupid angel boy

July 21, 2007 9:24 PM

This is an older song, comprised about six years ago. It is an angsty song, concocted in response to the second lesbian with whom I was madly enamored declining and telling me I was "beatific". It is a poppy song, and I wouldn't post it were it not, in my opinion, catchy. I'm well over the emotions, but the song is still kinda cute.

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There also seems to be a certain amount of arrogance in the angst. Well, I suppose that's who I was, to some degree. Thank goodness we're all ever-changing.
posted by The Great Big Mulp at 9:28 PM on July 21, 2007

i like this song a lot. it reminds me of the new bad things, which is, depending on the day, either a good thing or the best thing.
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Your writing and composition are always good, but this is in a new context for me and I like it alot!

You have a real knack for keeping up the rhyme scheme while being really poignant at the same time. Good stuff! This is gonna be in my head for a while, thanks for posting it.
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I figured out the "mic" thing I was telling you when you posted your last song. It ain't about the mic, it's about the "double voice." I think you always record the main voice track twice, exactly the same ("doubling as opposed to doing a harmony"). That creates some sort of "mild flanger" or some strange effect. I guess you like that a lot, since you always use it, but I'd love to hear a track of yours "straight" with just one voice track.

As for composition, great as always. But where is the ukulele promised in the tags?
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this was pretty great. i love the warbly synth noise.
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Hey, TGBM, forgive me for this, but as long as micayetoca brings it up I'm now wondering the same thing. Actually, I love your sound, but tonight I shared this song with some friends, and my wife's BFF was asking the same thing. She pretty much said, "What's up? His voice is awesome!" Just thought I'd mention it. Would you consider doing something without the layered effect? I'm only asking because you have fans out here and your voice really works!
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i love the warbly synth noise.

And that's the uke, with some distortion and a wah.

Well, alright, I'll try the not doubling my voice with the next song I make. I don't know why I like it so much, I've just been doing it for a while, I guess. Next time, just one of me per melody/harmony/whatever.
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