July 23, 2007 2:41 AM

Rehearsals : three tunes that we (a big band) were to play on stage in a small jazz festival in Millau, Aveyron, southern France.

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Recorded during Millau jazz Festival. Under the guidance of Gerard Pansanel, amateur musicians eager to practice improvisation in a big band try to play as correctly as possible three tunes. What you can hear in the recording are small excerpts including the themes and short solos. Bolero frizzante is by Gerard Pansanel. Youm Malquaq is by N. El Ghiwane and Michel Marre. The last tune is by Miles Davis. The soloists are : Magali (violin), Michel (violin), Fran├žois (guitar), Bruno (drums) - and another teenage drummer whose name I don't remember (teenage drummers being slightly less talkative when they don't play the drums). Everything has been recorded while we were rehearsing. Hence the lofi quality of the recording.
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Sorry, Magali is playing a viola, not a violin. Michel played some strange looking blue electric violin.
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As always, awesome; you have any CDs?
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Yea! Thank you for bringing on the jazz. This is great stuff.
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hi acro, we do not have cds - it was a one-time only performance - but gerard pansanel has many records out. Patrice Heral, who was lending him a hand (you can hear him at times hand clapping or shouting, has some too. The band has been recorded by a local radio station on the night of its public performance. If I have a copy of the tape, I'll post it here.
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Beautiful, nicolin. I love the sort of chords used in the first theme, specially when they are played by an ensemble (as opposed to only in guitar or piano).

I also really like Nas El Ghiwane. I don't know the original version of the song played here, but it is sounds played like this.

Very cool "collage". Thx for posting it.
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hi mica. Glad you like it. The score for Bolero Frizzante (the first theme) is here. I forgot to put something informative about Nass El Ghiwane. So here it is. Last (but...) some details about in a silent way.
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Man, that's great background music. If I weren't so busy, I bet it would be great foreground music, too.
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