August 28, 2007 4:53 AM

If someone would just make a damn album that sounds like this already then I wouldn't have to be swiping vocals and doing it myself.

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Vocals swiped from this, of course.
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Oh man, this is insanely cool. Absolutely brilliant. I wish I could favorite it a bunch of times more.
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i love you.
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excellent use of the gratuitouswang tag, by the way.
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It's underused, but it certainly applies here. Wrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrooooooooww-weeeeoowoooooo!!!
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I don't know whether to start circle dancing with blond beauties or start head banging or both. Wow.
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Ah, both, dude, both! Only leave a hand free for quaffing.
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Well I'm glad you stepped up to take the responsibility, this is genius.

*Starts circle dancing with blonde beauties while head banging making sure to leave one hand free for quaffing*
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Man, this is really good. How long did it take you to do it?
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Well, let's see, it was a two-man job together with a long-time friend and old bandmate. I guess the process more or less started for real mid-Sunday afternoon, with me working out riffs & arrangement against the vocals. We put down scratch guitar and bass against a click, then fit a first-draft drum track to that, which ran a bit past midnight Sunday, with an hour or two taken out for me to cook dinner for my buddy & his wife & her brother. Late next morning we put the guitars and bass down for real and then spent seemingly forever fitting the vocal track to the click. Reworked the drum track, cleaned up the transitions, worked out the fills. Last little guitar overdubs - that bend and whammy squeal were the very last thing to go down - then some time with the mix (which was much less problematic than I expected) and we burned what you're hearing at about 5:30 Monday afternoon.

The positive comments are so, so appreciated. We had a shitload of fun putting it together, and I can't say I'm anything less than pleased with the result myself. 'Course if you listen, the music itself is dead easy - but when you're backing voices like that, you don't have to do much!
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That's exactly everything I wanted to know. I've shown the song to two or three people and they all liked it, said it's very unique, and then when I showed them the youtube video they went mad and said you are a genius and it was very well done. I thought it was only fair to pass their opinions on to you.

An it is really well done, I don't know how long it would have taken me to figure out the voices with guitar, and then matching them, and so I'm really impressed by it. Congratulations Wolfdog, it was really well done and the result is very, very cool.
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You should get a copy of this to the original singers.
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I don't know if I have the right address. I'm suspicious, 'cause none of them ever replied to any of my marriage proposals.
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Wow. Wow wow wow wow.
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Not as metal as the original, but still kicks ass.
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I've been singing "do you know the muffin man" to this tune all day. Thanks a lot, Wolfdog.
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This is the best thing I've heard all month.

Thank You!
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I have no words for how hard this rocks.
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I seem to have missed this earlier, but I wanted to tell you that it is totally fucking awesome.
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I just spent a half hour or more digging through mefimusic for this song after getting it stuck in my head -- and I hadn't even thought of it since I first heard it months ago. Still amazing.
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This is the music of the gods.
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You do realise this should be the next Finnish Eurovision entry, right?
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How did I miss this? It's fantastic.
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YES! thanks for this!
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This is still my go-to song for cheering me up. Well, this and the David Lee Roth songsmith song.
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I had to show you this, I discovered this by accident because of a song someone posted using Vocaloid.
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I was showing this song to my cousin and my aunt overheard and says, "Oh hey...I recognize's one of the songs they play when we go folk dancing!"

She prefers the original, but my cousin likes the new one better.
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Oh dear Thor, yes.
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If someone would just make a damn album that sounds like this already then I wouldn't have to be swiping vocals and doing it myself.

I'm glad you did it, but someone has gotten close before.
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The sort of Crazy Excellence I've come to expect from MeFi Music.
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Wait. This Sudenpolkka thing is immediately relevant to my interests. I need to know where this purported YouTube video of the thing can be found!
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I just stumbled into this again when it came up on a random search for metal in my library. It is better than any of the other 3000 songs in that search.
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not_on_display, not going to disagree with you, but have you checked out Bill McClintock's youtube channel? (You probably have, there have been posts on the blue about it.) First thing I thought of when listening to Bill's stuff was this very song.
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