Calhoun County Blues

August 29, 2007 11:30 PM

This is a true story of my ventures right after Katrina. I recorded the tracks yesterday on my birthday. It is a condensed version of the song. The original story still continues today while living in Kentucky

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Randy, I think this is broken. It started playing once, then quit. I don't see any obvious problems, but all the other posts are playing for me.

Yea, it won't even load up now.
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Hey snsranch I don't have a problem on my player, it seems to be playing alright for me. Maybe try later
Thanks anyway for the hit I'm sorry you could not here it.
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You've got a great big voice.
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This song is really a good teaching example of the difference between parts of a song, and the song as a whole.

The individual pieces are fine... drums, guitar, harmonica, bass, vocal... all are "fine" on their own.

But together, they sound disconnected and completely uninspired. Were they recorded separately by different people? Or did you perform everything multi-track?

The vocals, particularly, seem kind of "phoned in".

This is supposed to be the blues, by God, and I'm supposed to hear the suffering in your voice.

You ran out of gas down in New Orleans. That's unfortunate, but nothing worth telling me about, especially in a blues song.

Now, you'll have to try to follow along, but if instead:

I RAN outta gas baby... in that crescent city... New O'leans. HOAH LORD on the side of the road... outta gas... down in New O'leans. So I pop that pup tent big momma... and slept there under the trees.

And if you made me feel the significance of that... well, ok, now you got my attention.

Take advantage of that big-as-outdoors voice you have. Tell me how noones ever had it as bad as you. Yell at me a little. "You don't know suffering, let me TELL you about suffering".
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